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The Künzli SwissSchuh AG is a small shoe firm rich in tradition, its headquarters beeing in Argovian Windisch in Switzerland. Künzli develops and produces special shoes in high quality for the lines medicine and fashion. Swiss design is the source of the refined development: innovative solutions for special problems, or trendy creations for stylish demands. Cooperations with scientific and practice-orientated experts secure the very best knowledge with respect to shoes. For all the shoes produced by Künzli fine leather and high quality raw material are carefully manufactured in manual work. A modern production plant owned by Künzli in Albania, a country with a high quality standard of shoe industry, secures consistent quality and a flexible production control. Since 1927 the name of Künzli has been standing for Swiss quality, the brand with the 5 squares on each shoe being its seal.

Künzli Swiss Schuh Ltd.

Hauserstrasse 47
CH-5210 Windisch
Tel. +41 56 200 85 00
Fax +41 56 200 85 20