Therapie Konzept 960x400

Means and degree of stabilization denominate the success of the therapy of foot-injuries. If the foot is completely fixed, e.g. by a cast, the muscles are quickly visibly reduced. If the foot is not fixed at all or insufficiently, the injury does not heal completely and new traumas and even long-term damages like arthrosis are possible.

The Ortho® System assures the good degree of stabiliy.
The flexible nature of the boot allows for mobility.

A Künzli Ortho® stability boot allows for an early functional and fast weight-bearing on the foot. Thus the healing process is enhanced by activating the muscles and strengthening the metabolism.

The injury heals more quickly, the patient remains mobile and, depending on the injury, returns back to work up to 30 days earlier. In addition, the early functional therapy lowers the costs.

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