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If a sprain is not treated or wrongly treated (e.g. not enough stabilized) the insured ligaments do not heal completely because of lack of therapy or improper therapy. The result can be a chronic instability of the foot and the ligament apparatus often has to be reconstructed surgically (= reconstruction of the ligament). This is also the case with severe injuries of the foot when several ligaments / bones are involved. Most ligament injuries of the ankle, however, can be healed conservatively with very good results (cf. torn ligaments/sprain).

After the reconstruction of the ligaments it is recommended that the plantar flexion of the foot be reduced to max. 20 degrees at the ankle and a lateral tilting movement of the foot be avoided. In order to prevent the foot from further distortion, an external stabilization of ca. three months is important. A Künzli Ortho® stability boot provides, due to the Ortho® System within the boot, from the beginning the necessary stability. The additionally stabilized special boot Ortho Rehab 3 can be recommended. All Künzli standard boots, however, are suited.

In addition the use of a nightly splint for ca. six weeks like the Ortho Night Bandage is important to stabilize the foot from uncontrolled movements and new injuries around the clock.

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