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If you break your foot we speak of fracture. With respect to feet a frequent fracture is the fracture of the upper ankle (which is also called malleolar fracture).

The fracture of the upper ankle is always caused by a lesser or stronger dislocation (subluxation or luxation) of the joint, i.e. the bones of the joint are dislocated to an extent that makes them get out of the normal articulation. At least one bone is broken. Injuries of further bones or ligaments are frequent additional side effects (ligament rupture). The cause of the spraining is often a tilting of the foot that happens e.g. when doing sports.

If the tentative diagnosis is a malleolar fracture, the foot should be immobilized and elevated. If the skin is uninjured, an additional cooling of the ankle is important. These means soothe the pains, minimize the swelling and permit an early surgery. If the foot is swollen grossly, surgery is usually not possible. If the fracture is open, the wound has to be covered sterilely to avoid infection. The physician has to be consulted as soon as possible.

In most cases surgery is necessary. Only simple fractures can be partly treated by conservative (non-operative) methods. The prerequisite of a successful treatment is in both cases a stabilized ankle. As soon as the foot can bear weight again Künzli Ortho® stability boot Ortho Rehab 3 is the perfect “company”. The especially reinforced Ortho® System within the boot stabilizes the foot while permitting the rocker movement. The foot is physiologically correctly put weight on and the stability boot provides mobility in every-day life.

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