Arthrose Sprunggelenk

Arthrosis describes the wear of the joint cartilage. The joint cartilage envelops the ends of the bones and cares for the smooth movement of the joint. If it is destroyed, sand enters the system literally speaking.

In addition to the effect of age, overstressing, overweight and inflammatory diseases, arthrosis is caused by former surgery and insufficiently healed injuries.
Instability of the ankle joint can degenerate into arthrosis of the foot/the ankle. This instability can be the result of former injuries that have not been treated at all or incorrectly (e.g. insufficient stabilization of ligament injuries).
Arthrosis cannot be healed. If the foot is already unstable or the arthrosis is light, prophylaxis is very important to prevent a worsening: On the one hand the foot muscles and the balance have to be trained, on the other hand good footwear has to be worn (to be recommended: the line Künzli Protect).

In the case of arthrosis it is important to keep moving despite the pains. This helps the joint lubricant and keeps the remaining cartilage supple. To facilitate walking and to stabilize the ankle externally Künzli Ortho® stability boots are a good choice, especially when instability of the joint is prevalent. The line Künzli Ortho® with the high shaft and the integrated Ortho® System stabilizes the foot laterally and makes the rocker movement by especially developed therapeutic soles easier. A vast range of boot models for practically every application can be found here.
There is an alternative possibility in the line Künzli Protect with a lower shaft and softer lateral stabilizers. The effect of the Protect System is not only mechanical, but also activating muscles.

If strong arthroses result in too much pain, there are different possibilities of surgery:

Arthrodesis = stiffening of the ankle joint. The aim is to be without pains and to stabilize the joint.

Replacement of the ankle joint = application of an artificial joint. The aim is to assume as well as possible the natural functioning of the joint.

Which method is best is up to the physician to decide in agreement with his individual patient. In both cases Künzli Ortho® stability boots are often used in post-operative therapy.

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